Modern pop

for vintage tastes

Catskill style

Handcrafted in Woodstock, NY

Star Children is the music project of singer/songwriter, producer, guitarist, engineer, synth/sampler creator James Mongan. With the help of some of Woodstock, NY's finest musicians, Star Children has crafted music that will invigorate and inspire. So what is "vintage" about the music?  James explains, " Aside from the fact that I try to use as much analogue and tube gear as possible, the notion of vintage harkens back to a time when the craft of songs really mattered. When songs were not dependent solely on personality, attitude or fashion, but what was important was creating music that said something, that meant something. Music with soul, from the soul."

When the famous Irish poet Seamus Heaney visited Fordham University when James was a student, he asked Mr. Heaney, "What is poetry?" Without skipping a beat, Seamus Heaney answered, " A well-crafted scream". Thus the title of the debut album of Star Children and the underlying philosophy of the songs. Music is indeed a cry from the spirit, engaging our hearts, minds and emotions. The best music takes you on a journey. We are all children of the stars. And the goal is elevation.

Star Children's music is only available via digital downloads for the moment, and we are in the process of completing a full length CD. But we could use your help in completing it! If you like the music, please consider buying it. It's the only way an independent artist today can hope to make a living from their music. We will also have free downloads available at some point, but if you'd like to help support some more, we will be launching an Indieagogo crowd funding campaign soon.  Stay tuned for that and more music coming your way! Thank you for listening and please enjoy the music.